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I am very excited....the last class was so wonderful and I want to learn much more about everything, but looking forward to composition.  - Margaret

I keep coming back for more because there's a lot more to learn and I am very comfortable learning from you.  - Mary

I greatly enjoyed your class. Your studio is a comfortable place to work and the class atmosphere was very supportive. The concept of developing watercolor techniques, painting small, everyday objects greatly appeals to me. I may likely sign up for another class sometime in the future when I feel I can again spare the time.  - Liz

I definitely want to continue with the class --

I am really enjoying it!  - Lucia

I’m really enjoying the Thursday eve class.

I like the low-key quality.  - Elizabeth

Thanks for the inspiration and instruction! Loved the opportunity to be with and learn from you!  - Gina

student work

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